Daren Hauke’s Diary – A Week in the life of a Double Major (Post 2)

The Orangery (Photographer: TU Chemnitz/Natalie Pohle)

Tuesday – Chemnitz

11:30 am

Time for a shorter day – today we’re starting a little later which is great after getting home rather late from Mittweida. Our first course today is called Speaking & Presentation Skills. As the name implies, we have to speak and present a lot, working up the confidence to do that in front of the course is quite hard, especially for people who don’t exactly feel comfortable performing a speech in front of the class (like me). However, it feels really amazing to finish it and receive positive feedback, but also constructive criticism. For instance today, we had to randomly pick a topic and had three minutes of preparation time to speak for five minutes in front of the group. It may seem like it’s not a lot or something you would do back in school, but paying attention to every detail, like intonation, gestures, confidence, etc. is quite hard, no matter how trained you are and there’s always room for improvement. Being able to speak and present well is a lot more important than many realise, so this is one of the courses I really look forward to, even though we have to work out a short presentation at home now and then.


1:45 pm

Reading the Contemporary: Right after lunch, we dive into literature. Now, having to read books might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I really enjoy it. Just as the name says, we deal with more recent literature than Shakespeare. For instance, the topic of today’s course is Angela Carter and views on gender and feminism – topics that are quite relevant in our present age. In addition to other texts, we are reading Carter’s book “Night at the Circus”, a novel that raises questions about what is real about the way we present ourselves. It might not be directly relevant to the topic of energy management at first glance, but the way literature and culture are connected to each other and the way language itself is used in the books is important to our own view of the world and our use of language. This is what this degree programme is about: not only the sheer acquisition of knowledge, but also the development of a different awareness of language and energy.


Daren Hauke

(Bachelor Energy Efficiency, 2nd semester)

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