Daren Hauke’s Diary – A Week in the life of a Double Major (Post 4)

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Thursday – Chemnitz

7:30 am

Thursday starts out fairly early as well. Thankfully, you can get to the Chemnitz campus fairly quickly. This morning, we are starting out with History of English. The name is pretty straightforward and honestly, there’s not a lot more to it. However, it’s quite interesting to see where a lot of words come from and being able to speak German, it does uncover a lot of similarities between both languages, especially in early times.


11:30 am

After a two-hour break, we’re moving onto Vocabulary Building. This course is all about enriching your vocabulary in various fields of life. It might seem a little redundant to learn three words for quite similar things, but when you’re working out a speech or presenting some new innovation, a lack in vocabulary is the worst that could happen. Additionally, we also learn how to understand certain loanwords from Greek or Latin by learning the various affixes which are commonly used in jargon.


1:45 pm

Off to the last course of the week: it’s called Semantics – a Linguistics course that basically deals with the meaning of words. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it’s not as simple as telling a few puns, because they play with the meaning of words. Semantics is actually a lot of studying, reaching from different kind of statements and how they relate to each other to the way we process words and decode their meanings. I had to do a presentation today with another student about the so-called “Prototype Theory” for instance, which is about our connection of words to “images”. So for example when you think of bird, you probably think of a robin, but not of a penguin. Although both of them are birds, the robin just seems “birdier” than the penguin.


Daren Hauke

(Bachelor Energy Efficiency, 2nd semester)

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