A little cash on the side – Working and Studying

Part 1: Choosing and applying

Unlike many other students, I still live at home with my parents, so I don’t have to worry too much about finances and things like living expenses and rent. Still, I did not want to waste my semester break with just lazing around and slacking off before my fourth semester was going to start.

Thanks to one of my classmates, my attention shifted towards a short-term job at Volkswagen Motors in Chemnitz. I was also considering picking up a part-time job as cashier or bakery assistant at some point. However, juggling a long-term job with full-time studies seemed a bit too stressful.

In the end, after considering my options over and over again, I decided to apply online for the job and within a few days, I’d received feedback and was invited to a job interview. Unlike the way we were prepared for it in school, the interview itself was rather chilled. We were interviewed in groups of five people and asked basic questions like our motivation for applying and some of our previous work experience. Admittedly, it seemed a bit intimidating for me, since I did lack any kind of experience and some of the applicants were 25 years and older and had  long CVs listing different jobs that showed their experience and competence. In the end, it was wrapped up with a so- called test of motor abilities. This resembled putting together something like a toy without instructions, only guidelines, in a limited time. To be honest, there wasn’t a real way to prepare for this kind of interview. But as general advice, I can say that the most important part is to pay attention to what you’re doing and even though it goes without saying, you should read the task at hand carefully. It’s really easy to forget something when you’re just slightly nervous, and it’s a bit frustrating to miss your shot, just because you were afraid of doing exactly that.

In conclusion, I can tell you that, if you want to get a job, whether long-term or just for your semester break, you shouldn’t be afraid to step up and just apply. If you need any help, feel free to ask your colleagues; they may just have the right thing for you. The TU Chemnitz Career Service also has many offers as well as a programme for those needing advice. You don’t have a lot to lose, so just go for it.

Stay tuned for more, as I also want to talk about my job and what I make of the workplace – once I’ve completed my tenure there!


Daren Hauke

(Bachelor Energy Efficiency, 4th semester)

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