Internship: Turning over a new leaf?

Each year a great number of students find themselves in search of an internship which they consider as a continuation of what has been taught so far at university. However, an internship may mean more than the continuation of one’s studies.

I am in my fifth semester of English & American Studies and am currently doing a so-called “Auslandsorientiertes Semester” which is for those students who for some reason or another are obliged to stay Chemnitz during the semester when the rest of the cohort is abroad.

Motto: From first to last!

At the very beginning of my fifth semester, namely WS2018/19, I was awfully worried because I had yet to find an internship. I was unsure of whether I would be able to apply what I learnt once put in the workplace. I poured over many websites, looking for the right work placement. Eventually, I was able to see things differently.

Doing an internship is like opening a new window, something that brings in a gush of fresh air, which is why, I think we, students should never be afraid to break out of the mold of what we are studying. By this I mean that one can always go further that the given framework of what has been formally studied. An internship could always lead to new interests and opportunities. This was exactly what happened with my own internship – a case where the norm is to attain some teaching experience. However, through my research I have been able to look outside the box and have found another branch at AGIUA where I can interact with and consult foreign people who are not “Chemnitzer” and who are totally new to Germany.

I have done things vice versa; thus, I am observing second language learners of German and their communication patterns. In addition, I have learnt a lot about institutional functioning, bureaucracy, and legislation whilst also broadening my vocabulary and interacting with people from all over the world. Therefore, my internship has become a new perspective and a new page in my life.


Rabia Bacaksiz

(Bachelor English & American Studies, 5th semester)

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