TUC goes orange: the Faculty of Humanities celebrates its 25th anniversary!

Each of the seven departments has prepared exciting surprises for the birthday week.

A snowman family observing the Faculties of Humanities and Mathematics (Photograph: Marina Ivanova)

Many departments of the Faculty of Humanities are located in Thüringer Weg 11 and 9 (Photograph: Marina Ivanova)

The Faculty of Humanities is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and it has prepared a week of events from 15–24 January. The departments will commemorate a quarter-century of scholastic contributions to society, culture, history, politics, language and literature by organising various more and less academic, but always inspiring, experiences.

During the anniversary week, students from the departments will also take the floor and will present their work such as the movie Saleh and Maja and other student video projects. Students from German Studies will give flash presentations of their research under the motto “10 minutes only”, and students of Media Studies will present project posters.  So, if you have always wondered what issues the disciplines are occupied with, this might be your chance to get a glimpse of them.

The academic symposium “Cultures of Protest” (Poster_CfP_Faust_klein_10.12.18) organised by the English Department will bring together young and experienced researchers from disciplines ranging from literature to linguistics to social, cultural and political studies. Their talks will shed light on digital social movements, hate and counter speech, and different forms of protest in the USA, Spain, Romania, Greece and Germany.

Flying poetry in front of the central city library, readings of Thaer Ajoub’s poetry collection Katharina and Aleppo on home and exile, as well as an exhibition and performance at the Gunzenhauser museum on gender and violence will enhance the cultural experience of the celebrations.

The intensive week will be concluded with an official ceremony with talks on the future of the Humanities in the digital world. The issue of the place of the Faculty of Humanities in a university of technology in the digital revolution often arises in discussions, so the closing event will point at some of the prospects for the faculty’s students and scholars.

You can register for the ceremony and find the anniversary week programme here.

See you at some of the events!



(Master English & American Studies, 3rd semester)

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