Snowman Season: Cool times on campus

January is in full swing. With thermometers registering sub-zero degrees, it’s not uncommon to see snow-loving students taking each other on to build the biggest snowman at TU Chemnitz.

My friends and I have added a new member to the collection of cool snowmen in “Chemnitzer Land”.

The white giant is circa. 190 cm tall, with a girth of 80 cm and is located in front of the dormitories at Vetterstraße 52. We made him in a jiffy, for the snow was falling down mercilessly, but I did find the time to taste some snow flakes. Now, I must confess that I enjoyed the taste of our snowman tremendously!

Winter on the campus of the TU Chemnitz (Photograph: Omer Guney)

Have you ever tasted fresh snowflakes?

Swallowing the soft snow brought to mind some thoughts on condensation, evaporation and precipitation, and I paused to think about just what it is that constitutes snow.

Snow is basically water which may be infused with chemicals, bacteria, smoke, other pollutants and even urine. Your immune system may not take too kindly to that cocktail!

Besides the fun to be had in building snowmen and lapping up snowflakes, January has its downside of excessive snow. It is terribly icy! Whether you get around by car, on two wheels or on foot, you have to pay heed to where you are headed, be it by investing in decent snow tyres, or simply slowing down. Pedestrians such as myself need pots of luck not to slip and bite the icy dust. Ice-skating may be enjoyable, but skidding on ice most certainly isn’t!


Rabia Bacaksiz

(Bachelor English & American Studies, 5th semester)

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