For five years in Germany, I have experienced three heavy winters, cool, snowy Aprils and a 40-degree summer. In my first year in Germany, the winter was dark and gloomy, and this made my integration into city cilfe all the more difficult. However, I still love winter because it precedes spring and summer.

I remember the time when I bought my first carpet for my room and finally felt that I now belonged somewhere else; this was now my home. Getting to this state may not take so long for newcomers. Besides, a small warning: Leaving Chemnitz will not be easy!

I have  heard that some people have a crying jag during their first week in Chemnitz as the homesickness kicks in. Then, when it’s time to leave, they succumb to another crying jag.But good news, mates! Summer semester is one of the  best bits of studying at TU Chemnitz. Every sunny day at uni feels like Spring Festival, the very thought of which thrills me.

Expect some welcome dinners, welcome parties and themed events, sports festivals and more during this semester. Last summer in Chemnitz was extremely warm (max. circa 40 °C). According to our academic calendar, my favourite day sports festival/ campus day/ health day will take place on the 6th of June 2019. Here is a photo from last year’s festival:

Sport Festival 2018 in Chemnitz (Photographer: Syed Haroon Fida)

We have three more months to go, but it’s something to take diarise without delay.  At present, in my country, Turkey, people have just seen in the spring through a series of celebrations called Nowruz. It is the name of the Persian New Year as well, but in Turkey we consider it to be merely the start of spring.. Quite likely, it’s my memories of these spring celebrations that has me so excited about the summer semester and the upcoming sunny weeks, fruitful days, lazy sunbaths and flowers.

I wish you all a good start to your semester. If you have read this far, I will now share what the title of this blog means. It’s Saxonian dialect for “Keep your eyes peeled!”

Means: Keep your eyes peeled!

2 Responses

  1. Alina 10. April 2019 / 10:47

    The best period of my life ❤️
    Love this girl!

  2. Syed Haroon Fida 10. April 2019 / 13:37

    Summers are always the best B-)

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