Turning Pages at the turn of the decade

TU Chemnitz now has an annual open-access creative writing journal

Lecturer Prue Goredema recites an original love poem, whilst students (R-L) Jutta Landig, Olha Dudechko and Marvin Bergt wait their turn (Photographer: Tobias Schlosser)

Creators and lovers of poetry, drama, life writing, short stories, flash fiction and art enjoyed a lively Thursday evening on the 28th of November at the TIETZ with performances of works that were published in the first issue of the creative writing journal Turning Pages. The moving, thought-provoking and entertaining journal opening made everyone thrilled about the new initiative. The editors, Prof. Dr. Cecile Sandten and Mandy Beck, were also very excited for the project and specifically wanted the journal to be a platform for a plethora of voices: students, pupils, teachers, university lecturers, professional writers… The “reading” showed this as well – authors and supervisors from the issue shared their poems, short stories, life writing and 50-word flash fiction pieces, performed an act from a play and explained why there is more than we think to a blot of ink.

Turning Pages Title Image

The journal is published under open access by the University Library (check it out here) and is welcoming applications for next year’s issue.

The nibbles after the performances gave the guests more opportunities to get to know each other as well as to meet the authors and gain more insights into where they find inspiration for their works. I also took the chance to ask a couple of the published MA students of English Studies what creative writing means to them and would like to share their thoughts.

Christin first tried creative writing for a seminar last year and was happy that it gave her new perspectives and experiences (“and it was so much fun”). The course was also the reason she chose to take Screenwriting during her semester abroad in London, which she loved.

“Writing is generally a lot of fun and I enjoy it very much, but the thing is, I haven’t written anything since the courses ended. The great thing about the journal is that it kind of gives you this incentive for being creative. I guess sometimes even for the things you enjoy you need this kind of push (at least I do). It was so fascinating to see what different kinds of stories students came up with. I wish I would find more initiative in myself but I plan on making it my early new year’s resolution to write more. I feel like the most difficult thing about writing is the first idea – what do I want to say with a story? I perhaps need a kind of… spark? to start writing. So to me inspiration comes pretty randomly, but it helps if you’re looking out for it (if that makes sense) because it can appear any time (for example while doing the dishes). But if the spark is there, the incentive is there, and then it just works.”

Jutta has been into creative writing for longer and cherishes the freedom it gives her:

“I’ve enjoyed creative writing ever since I was a child. For me, it is a way to „unload“ my feelings, thoughts and colorful fantasies – but also troubles and anxieties – by putting them into words. The Creative Writing Journal is a wonderful opportunity to get these works out and share them with others, thus inspiring a creative exchange of ideas.”

These two stories certainly inspired me to write more!

If you also want to share your thoughts with the world, look out for the Call for Papers for the next issue here.



(Master English & American Studies, 5th semester)

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