Why did you choose Chemnitz?

When I was choosing a place for my bachelor’s degree in Germany, I decided to take the risk and go to a city that is charmingly different. Chemnitz attracted me mainly through its cosiness and the beauty of the surrounding nature. I took a chance on it; I was not disappointed, nor do I regret it. I find that since my hometown is also relatively small, I would feel uncomfortable in a crowded metropolis.

Where do you live in Chemnitz? (Flat share/hostel etc.)

I stay in a campus dormitory, which I really like, since it gives me the sweet feeling of enjoying student life. There is no concept of boredom in the dorms; you can always meet new people, socialise and have fun in a multicultural environment.

How would you describe work for your degree?

Is it stressful or relaxed?

Do you do most work at home or in the scheduled lectures?

Although many people hold the belief that the subjects in the Faculty of Humanities are relatively easy, I would disagree, since taking English & American Studies requires a lot of effort in perfecting your non-native language skills. We study a wide range of subjects, and they are so interesting that some students oftentimes get carried away and spend more time than intended on homework and in conducting research for academic papers. However, sticking to a schedule is possible with enough motivation, ambition and hard work.

Do you feel well looked after at the university?

How accessible are the teaching staff?

I was impressed with the friendly and open attitude of the teaching staff in our department from my first day at university. As a high school graduate, I imagined that university life would be similar to being in the army, but I was pleasantly surprised as my professors are always eager to assist us and to answer our questions, and they care about our general academic development.

How do you spend your free time?

Are there any events you participate in regularly?

Since I am a newcomer in Germany, I love exploring Chemnitz and other cities in Saxony together with my friends. We also enjoy meeting in the kitchen at our dorm and throwing international cooking nights, where we prepare some traditional dishes from each culture represented. In order to fully unwind, I like doing Pilates or simply relaxing with a cup of tea and an interesting book.

What could be improved?

Although taking English & American Studies is very exciting, what would really contribute to the development of our practical skills would be a longer work placement programme. It would also be really beneficial if we had more established connections with foreign universities and companies, where we could apply for an internship during our Bachelor studies.


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