Perinorm becomes Nautos

The new standards platform Nautos is now available to all TUC members. It is the successor product to the Perinorm database and will completely replace it, starting in January. Nautos and Perinorm are products of Beuth publishers. More information on Nautos can be found on their website ( Nautos contains the same contents as Perinorm did.

Searchable contents

  • DIN standardsNo
  • DIN EN Standards (European standard adopted into the German body of standards)
  • DIN EN ISO Standards (German standard based on a European standard which is based on an international standard of ISO)
  • DIN ISO Standards (German standard based on an ISO international standard)
  • DIN ETS standards (German standard based on a European telecommunications standard)
  • DIN IEC standards (International electrotechnical standard adopted into the German body of standards)
  • VDI guidelines (Association of German Engineers)
  • PAS (Publicly Available Specification)

The complete current DIN standards (e.g. also ISO standards but ONLY with DIN classification) as well as the VDI guidelines are available to all library users for consultation in full text. According to §53 of the Copyright Act, the collection of standards may not be used for commercial purposes.

Exception: DIN standards with VDE classification can only be accessed at one specific workstation in the library (1st floor, east wing) on the „jahnsdorf“ computer via the “DIN-VDE standards” database.

Your online access

TUC members can access Nautos on the campus network or via VPN. Please log in with your URZ ID.

Training courses

If required, we also offer training courses on Nautos in cooperation with Beuth Verlag. We cannot provide online materials at the moment, but these will be available in the future.