Save the Date: 2 July 2020 – Online information event on Open Access publishing under terms of the Wiley DEAL

Project DEAL – What is it?

The DEAL project was initiated by the Alliance of German Science Organisations. The aim of the operation is to negotiate Germany-wide licence agreements for online journals of the three largest scientific publishers: Wiley, Springer Nature and Elsevier.

Beyond the aim of gaining access to all the contents of the publishers’ own journals, the main focus is on systematically converting the future publication output of all participating research institutions to open access. In order to achieve this, one of the project group’s main negotiating points is that scientists and scholars from all participating institutions should in principle be able to publish their research articles in open access.

The negotiations with the publishers Wiley (since 2019) and Springer Nature (since 2020) have already successfully led to agreements. TU Chemnitz participates in both of these DEAL agreements, so that the university’s researchers are not only granted access to the contents of thousands of journals published by Springer Nature and Wiley, but are also entitled to publish their research articles in the journals of both publishers entirely in open access, without any administrative effort of their own or individual costs. Instead, the University Library will handle the funding and clearing of these fees.

So what exactly is the Wiley-DEAL?

Den Beitrag weiterlesen Save the Date: 2 July 2020 – Online information event on Open Access publishing under terms of the Wiley DEAL

Introduction of and to the new central University Library

Foto: Annett Kittner

On October 1, 2020 it will finally happen: The new central University Library will open its doors to the public after a period of reconstruction of more than five years in the building of the “Old Spinning Mill” at Straße der Nationen 33.
Den Beitrag weiterlesen Introduction of and to the new central University Library

The new DEAL contract with Springer Nature – its many advantages for Open Access publishing and how you benefit from them

The boost for Open Access publishing through the DEAL contracts is now entering its second phase. After Wiley, another major academic publisher, Springer Nature, has negotiated a comprehensive agreement with the DEAL project. The contract is a so-called publish and read agreement. It consists of two components: In addition to the possibility of publishing in around 2,500 Springer Nature journals in Open Access (“Publish”), it also includes access to almost all of the publisher’s journal content (with exception of all “Nature” branded journals) that is still in Closed Access and therefore only available by subscription (“Read”). As in the case of Wiley, Chemnitz University of Technology (TU Chemnitz) is also participating in this new DEAL contract.
Due to the publishing component, it is possible for researchers at TU Chemnitz to publish their articles in Springer Nature journals in Open Access with very little administrative effort. The costs incurred are automatically covered by the budget of the University Library, for which you do not have to submit applications or forward invoices to the library. As a researcher, you therefore benefit from the many advantages of Open Access publishing and are additionally relieved of the bureaucratic hurdles associated sometimes with Open Access publishing, so that you can focus fully on your research.
Below we would like to briefly outline the most important cornerstones of the publishing component of the agreement and explain the practical significance of these for you as an author.

Den Beitrag weiterlesen The new DEAL contract with Springer Nature – its many advantages for Open Access publishing and how you benefit from them

Digital library services – where to find what you need.

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The University Library is currently closed – but the digital University Library Chemnitz is still available.

To prevent further spread of the coronavirus, a library visit is currently not possible. All further information regarding this you will find at:
However, our extensive digital services can still be used without risk. 😉

On our website you will find many helpful tips for digital learning. For instance, we support you with tutorials on research in our databases and if you are working on a term paper, feel free to have a look at our IL-Online course. There you will find assistance to help you with your research, citation issues and many more. An overview about our e-learning offers can be found at:

The access to our digital collection like e-books, e-journals and licensed databases is only possible within the IP range of the University of Technology Chemnitz. Students and employees with current URZ-Login are able to use the VPN of the University Computer Center. Information on the VPN login, which you can use to access the campus network from home, can be found here:

We offer access to:

If you have any questions or problems, you can contact us by e-mail at any time.
Just send us a mail to: and we will take care of it.

Stay healthy!

Research data management in Saxony

Homepage SaxFDM – (in German only)

In mid-January, Manuela Queitsch from the Service Center Research Data in Dresden visited the Chemnitz University Library. In her lecture and the subsequent discussion, she focused on the question of what services are already available in Saxony for scientists dealing with research data.
Den Beitrag weiterlesen Research data management in Saxony