Information about the move to the Alte Aktienspinnerei

Picture: Annett Kittner / Snapshot of the new library

Current planning status – Oktober 01 2020

Phase 1: Relocation of the stack collection

  • from 06/02/2020 relocation of the stack collection Campus Library I – finished
  • from 06/22/2020 relocation of the stack collection Campus Library II – finished
  • from 07/16/2020 relocation of the journal stack collection Central Library – finished

Phase 2: Relocation of the open access holding and employee offices

  • From 08/03/2020 relocation of the Campus Library I and closing of this library – finished
  • From 08/31/2020 relocation of the Campus Library II and closing of this library – finished
  • From 09/21/2020 relocation of the Central Library and closing of the University Library. – finished

University News from January 23, 2020

Gigantic: 38 Kilometers Worth of Library and Archived Material are Moving

University News from June 30, 2020

Short visit to the future university library of the TU Chemnitz (German only)

Radio UNiCC from July 31,2020

(One) look in the new university library (German only)

University News from October, 01, 2020

The University Library of Chemnitz University of Technology opens on October 1, 2020 after almost five years of construction

The library in the Alte Aktienspinnerei has opened on October, 1, 2020.
The following information on current library use still applies.

Please feel free to ask questions about the move using the comment function or send an email.

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