Research data management in Saxony

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In mid-January, Manuela Queitsch from the Service Center Research Data in Dresden visited the Chemnitz University Library. In her lecture and the subsequent discussion, she focused on the question of what services are already available in Saxony for scientists dealing with research data.

The first contact are the local research data contact persons. In Chemnitz, for example, the University Library, the Faculty of Computer Science and the URZ are working together with the Rectorate to set up services. On the web pages of the University Library, anyone interested can find initial information about the research data problem. Useful links lead to detailed information on the topic.

In Dresden, the Service Center Research Data was founded in 2017 as a joint institution of SLUB Dresden and TU Dresden. In addition to seminars, lectures and consultations for chairs and research groups on how to organize the handling of their research data, implementation projects are carried out.

The local research data contact persons cooperate with regional and national initiatives: under the umbrella of SaxFDM, staff members from scientific infrastructure facilities such as libraries, computer centres and research services meet four times a year. They coordinate activities related to research data management in Saxony. And they exchange information on topics such as knowledge transfer and consulting, services and tools, and public relations. A strategy paper adopted in December 2019 defines the goals, fields of action and organization of this cooperation. A conference for the general public will be held once a year, in 2020 in Leipzig on September, 15th.

The presentation slides of Manuela Queitsch are now available under a CC-BY 4.0 license via the pages of the University Library.


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