Monitoring – Financing – Consultation: How the University Library supports Open Access

The National Open-Access-Monitor provided by the Central Library of the Research Center Jülich offers opportunities for analyses of publications, costs and citations with regard to Open Access in Germany. Currently, data concerning scientific articles marked by a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) are processed. The sources comprise i.a. the Web of Science and the database Dimensions.
Chemnitz University Library makes use of this monitor for the analysis of Open-Access publication numbers and costs but also for the assessment of the market and the allocation of costs between the different publishers. The results are of significant importance for the calculation of the Publication Fund of Chemnitz University of Technology, the conclusion of transformation contracts with publishers and the application for funding resources.

Fig. 1 Open-Access status Chemnitz University of Technology, 2017-2021, OA Monitor, Dimensions

The share of Open-Access-publications of Chemnitz University of Technology increases continuously throughout the recent years in comparison with the publication in Closed Access. Nearly half of the research output in journals is already public domain. Within the 49% Open-Access-publications, 24% were released in gold Open-Access journals and 11% on the green way in Open-Access-repositories. In particular due to the federal DEAL-contracts, also the number of hybrid publications (publication in a journal AND second release in Open Access) raised.

Fig. 2 Open Access status Chemnitz University of Technology , 2017-2021, share per year, OA Monitor, Dimensions

In order to further increase the number of research results digitally accessible and public domain in the long run, the University Library funds the transformation of publication costs to publication-based accounting at Chemnitz University of Technology.
By agreements with publishers on the federal, state and consortium level as well as by conclusion of individual contracts, Open-Access-options for scholars have been negotiated. Publication costs resulting from transformation contracts are covered by the University Library.
The target consists on the creation of publication offers throughout all subject areas and for each scientific level, particularly also for junior scholars.
Currently there are the following publisher agreements which you should know and make use of:

  • Springer Nature
  • Wiley
  • MDPI
  • Frontiers
  • Hogrefe
  • IOP
  • ECS

In addition, a central publication fund is  provided for articles that do not fall under these agreements and appear in pure OA journals. The costs can already be requested via WEB form when submitting the article to the university library (this does not apply to Wiley and Springer – no request is necessary here).
The expenditures within the Publication Fund raised significantly since the last years. For this reason, a sustainable business model is of particular importance consisting currently on a share of the University Library, a share of the University and a (minor) author contribution (professorship). Within the funding scheme Scientific Literature Provision and Information Systems (LIS) of the German Research Foundation, additional resources could be acquired by Chemnitz University of Technology since many years.
A proposal for funding Open-Access publication costs for the period 2022-2024 has been submitted.

Fig. 3 Publication costs Chemnitz University of Technology, 2017-2021, OA Monitor, Dimensions

The funding of Open-Access-monographs by a separate Publication Fund is projected and publication projects of that kind may be reported to the Open-Access-Team.

We would be delighted to consult you regarding all questions in the field of scientific publication, such as search for appropriate journals or publishers, legal issues and cost coverage.
Support and services related to scientific Open-Access-publication have developed to key tasks of the University Library. As best practices for consultation concerning second release shall be mentioned the book of Dr. Franke and the book contribution of Professor Sanchez-Stockhammer published in the repository MONARCH-Qucosa.

Jointly with the authors, we select the appropriate Open-access-license for the respective publication.
Which (kind of) publications are applicable for second release may be looked up in the portal

We also provide consultations and trainings with regard to the publication of cumulative doctoral theses or preprints. In addition to that, the Open Science Team is also competently at your disposal concerning the publication of research information, teaching material and Open Source.

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