New: Access to DIN-VDE standards campus-wide possible

The DIN VDE standards are regulations for various areas of electrical engineering. These include, for example, power systems, power conductors and insulating materials, measuring, controlling & testing, as well as machines, converters, installation material, switchgear, consumer appliances, work equipment and information technology.

Until now, the standards of the VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik | Elektronik | Informationstechnik e. V.) could only be offered on one computer in the library as a single-user licence. This has now changed.

The DIN standards with VDE classification are now accessible via the Database-Informationsystem DBIS. The database “DIN-VDE-Normen” is licensed by Chemnitz University Library and can be used in the IP area of the university. However, exporting, printing or saving the full texts is still not permitted.

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