Do you know B!SON? – new tools make Open Science easy

In our case B!SON doesn’t stand for a wild animal, but for a recommendation service for
quality-assured Open Access Journals.

american bison

American Bison, Marco Verch, Creative Commons 2.0

Due to the enormous increase in the number of new publishing offerings, it is difficult for authors to make the most suitable selection. B!SON was developed by TIB Hannover and SLUB Dresden. The tool is open, free of charge and web-based.

It is based on bibliometric and semantic methodologies. The results can be filtered by average publication time, subject area, publication language and maximum APC. However, before making a publication decision, important information, such as costs, should be checked on the journal website.

Another new tool is the contract generator AuROA for creating sample contracts under a Creative Commons licence with a publisher .

The Open Access Books Toolkit covers various topics on Open Access books at different stages of the publishing process.

To establish and manage Open Access Journals, the Open Access Journal Toolkit provides support. The appropriate Open Source Software for publishing “Open Journal System” is hosted at the University Library.

Open Science Framework (OSF) is a free project management tool available to researchers during the project life cycle. It is especially recommended for pre-registration to make research transparent and to allow replications. For example, for psychologists, it is important to define the methods for a project in advance, as they require different data (hypothesis-generating or hypothesis-testing research).

We offer also some browser extensions to find a large amount of free versions of scientific articles.

Last but not least, we refer to the helpful tool catalogue from the
Leibniz-Informationszentrum Wirtschaft, which provides a list according to different usage scenarios, such as: Publishing data, Evaluating research results and many more.

All tools can be found on our Open Access website.