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New E-Media 2021

Photo: Katrin Pötschke / University Library Chemnitz

At the beginning of 2021, we would like to inform you about new offers and changes in the area of the digital University Library, which is always available for you. From home students and employees of the TU Chemnitz can also access our digital holdings (ebooks, ejournals, databases). All you need for this is a current URZ login and a VPN connection to the campus network.

We have compiled the new licenses and changes in the eoffers of Chemnitz University Library for you in a structured overview.
Den Beitrag weiterlesen New E-Media 2021

The importance of free teaching and learning materials for digital higher education

The topic of digitisation has been an important one to schools and universities in Germany for some time now. This year, however, the coronavirus pandemic meant that the topic had to be implemented as quickly and effectively as possible. Digital teaching presents us all with great challenges but offers great opportunities as well. Making teaching appealing and interactive is easier than ever with digital educational materials – and that is precisely why we depend so much on high-quality and freely available material. It is precisely this purpose that Open Educational Resources (OER) are intended for.

Picture: Giulia Forsythe – OER is sharing on flickr. Use under the conditions of the Creative Commons BY (Attribution).
Den Beitrag weiterlesen The importance of free teaching and learning materials for digital higher education

Come in. We are open – more inclusive through open consulting services

Quelle: (Bernd Hahn)

Quelle: (Bernd Hahn)

Why does this e-book not open? Is there any better literature than the one I have found so far? How do I format the paragraphs in my LaTeX document? What license do I apply to my materials to make them available as OER? How do I find a suitable repository for my research data?
Den Beitrag weiterlesen Come in. We are open – more inclusive through open consulting services

Digital library services – where to find what you need.

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The University Library is currently closed – but the digital University Library Chemnitz is still available.

To prevent further spread of the coronavirus, a library visit is currently not possible. All further information regarding this you will find at:
However, our extensive digital services can still be used without risk. 😉

On our website you will find many helpful tips for digital learning. For instance, we support you with tutorials on research in our databases and if you are working on a term paper, feel free to have a look at our IL-Online course. There you will find assistance to help you with your research, citation issues and many more. An overview about our e-learning offers can be found at:

The access to our digital collection like e-books, e-journals and licensed databases is only possible within the IP range of the University of Technology Chemnitz. Students and employees with current URZ-Login are able to use the VPN of the University Computer Center. Information on the VPN login, which you can use to access the campus network from home, can be found here:

We offer access to:

If you have any questions or problems, you can contact us by e-mail at any time.
Just send us a mail to: and we will take care of it.

Stay healthy!