Maintenance work on the storage systems will take place on 18. January 2022

On Tuesday, 18. January 2022 between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m., there will be maintenance work on the central storage systems (NetApp FAS/AFF).

It is planned to do a so-called “Non-Disruptive Upgrade” of the system software. Due to multiple switching operations between the redundant controllers in the course of the upgrade, only minor effects on services are to be expected if everything goes according to plan:

  • CIFS: Short interruptions (each app. 1 minute long) may occur following an automatic rebuild of the CIFS-sessions.¬† Especially affected by this are all Windows Home directories of the domain TUC and ZUV.
  • FC/NFS/iSCSI: There may occur short delays when accessing data.
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