Problems with the login on Videocampus Sachsen – Update 26.01.2022

Update 26.01.2022:

The login problem has not yet been finally solved, but a workaround has been implemented that automatically forwards to a second login attempt in the event of an unsuccessful login. BPS is still in contact with the manufacturer ViMP to provide a basic solution.

Improvements were made in the conversion tool and the failed conversions were restarted. This was successful in all cases. The affected users were informed accordingly.

Furthermore, client administration is now possible for those authorised to provide support at the respective institutions.

On Friday 21 January, the platform Videocampus Sachsen (VCS) was updated to a new version. The update went off without a hitch. Unfortunately, after the updates were completed, various problems arose from Monday onwards, which can be traced back to the update. BPS GmbH has already been in contact with the manufacturer ViMP since the morning in order to solve the problems.

We were able to identify the following issues:

Login to Videocampus not possible
Some users report that it is not possible to log in to the portal. As a possible interim solution, deleting the cookies in the browser can be helpful or using the platform in a private browser tab. In individual cases, a new login attempt led to success.
Video conversion fails
In individual cases, conversion errors occur. Try uploading the video again, if the error still occurs, please contact
Page loading problems from the OPAL learning platform
In individual cases, videos that are embedded by VCS in OPAL cannot be loaded. We do not yet have any information on how to solve this problem. If videos are loaded but do not play after pressing the play button, please try another browser or use the incognito mode or private tab. Please report problematic courses to
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