Hybrid (teaching) events in the seminar room

The two seminar rooms C25.017 and C25.021 in the Weinhold building were already equipped with additional cameras, loudspeakers, and ceiling microphones for the summer semester 2022, which can be used for hybrid teaching or hybrid events.

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Conversion of our FTP server to CephFS

On 13.06.2023, the XFS file system previously used for the FTP server was migrated to CephFS in order to gain experience for use in relation to other services.

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Do you need the software Stata?

In the OPAL course TU Chemnitz Software Board you, as an employee of the TU Chemnitz, have the opportunity to enroll in different groups if you are interested in software products. A new addition is a needs assessment for the

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OPAL: Receiving e-mails from a course without being enrolled?

Every now and then students receive emails from OPAL courses or groups in which they no longer participate or from which you cannot unsubscribe. From the user’s and teacher’s point of view, we present where the cause can be sought and remedied.

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TUCmessages – Current status in pilot operation

Since the introduction of our chat service TUCmessages in 2020, this possibility for quick exchange has been actively used in many project and study groups. As part of the pilot phase, various system settings were to be tested in addition to evaluating different usage scenarios for teamwork and teaching. Based on the initial results, an update of the service and the implementation of deletion concepts is now taking place.

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Citavi campus license has started

The Citavi literature management software has been available to all staff and students since March 2023 through the conclusion of a campus contract.

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Security initiative: Kerberos authentication in the campus network

As part of the increase in IT security, authentication using Kerberos will only be supported within the campus network from April 4, 2023.

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Polls and Live Feedback – News from Particify

On 21.2.2023, the Audience Response System Particify was updated. Besides changes in the Q&A section and a new question type, it brings a deletion routine for two years of inactive users.

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End of support for MS Office 2013

The manufacturer support (supply with security updates) for MS Office 2013 ends on 11 April 2023. This requires an update of corresponding installations.

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Support services for the implementation of digital accessibility

Since 23.09.2020, the following applies to public institutions: All websites and documents published after 23 September 2018 must be completely accessible for people with disability. In order to be able to provide the content accordingly, knowledge of the requirements for

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