Conversion of our FTP server to CephFS

The University Computer Center of the TU Chemnitz operates an FTP server that serves as a mirror for various open-source projects, to ensure fast and reliable access to packages within the university. Those are, for example, Debian, Fedora, and LibreOffice.

The FTP server has always been used by the URZ as a technology carrier for future storage solutions, since the data can always be obtained again and their size and frequency can be subject to strong fluctuations.

Up until now, a classic XFS file system on a virtualized RAID was used for this. This was migrated to CephFS on 06/13/2023 11:15 am with an interruption of less than 10 minutes.

Ceph is a cost-effective, very flexible and highly available storage solution, which is used by many universities and research institutes such as the CERN.

Through the productive operation of the storage solution, experience is to be gained in order to be able to evaluate the future usability for other services.

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