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An (Almost) Perfect E-Mail Deception – or: You can Never be too Careful!

Beware, we keep observing emails that are intended to encourage recipients to download files with malware!

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Protection against dangerous or unsolicited e-mail with DFN-Mailsupport

The defence against e-mails with dangerous or unwanted content is intended to protect our users. Read about our experiences with switching this protection to DFN-Mailsupport and what you can do to improve the situation.

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Forwarding an email completely

To analyse e-mails, our administrators need the complete message. Here we show for frequently used e-mail programmes how you can forward an e-mail in its entirety.

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New year, new tricks – Beware of e-mail fraudsters

Unfortunately, scams via e-mail are not uncommon. We show a new scam and look into the question why this kind of trickery seems to be promising.

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